FM WhatsApp APK Download v10.06 Latest Version Official Updated (June 2024)

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In this era of internet and social media, people are always in need of some new application. Actually, at present there are many applications available for chatting through which people can talk to each other anytime and anywhere. But the most important app in this is WhatsApp. But people are quite tired of using normal WhatsApp. Therefore, they try to find some such WhatsApp in which they can make some changes as per their wish, along with this people also have to face a lot of problems regarding their privacy.

People often want that when they use this app, no one should know when they come online and when they go offline. So there is only one solution to all these problems FM WhatsApp Download. This is an application that came after GB WhatsApp but this WhatsApp has made a good place in the hearts of people in a very short time. If you have already used FM WhatsApp then perhaps you would know what special features it has and how much extra privacy you get in it which is not available in normal WhatsApp. And if you are a new visitor to our website then you do not need to worry.

We are going to tell you in further information what you are going to see in FM WhatsApp. In this article, you will check its features and possible shortcomings so that you can know how much you can benefit and how much you can lose by using this application. To know more information about FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version, you have to stay with us till the end so that you can know every single thing about it. Now we are going to tell you about some of its special features in further information, which you should read very carefully.

Know about some special information about FM WhatsApp

App NameFM WhatsApp
Size76.3 MB
Installs2 Billion+ Downloads
Last UpdateJust Now
File TypeMod
CommunicationSocial Media
RequirementAndroid 5.0 & Above
PriceFree Of Cost
CostFM Mods
Root No Roots

What is FM WhatsApp & Why Should You Use?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application developed differently by a third party. It only aims to enhance the user experience by introducing various customization options privacy features and additional functionalities not found in the official app. Because it is doing its job very well, you will get to see many features in it which you will be quite surprised to know. And due to its special features, its demand is increasing among the public.

What Is FM WhatsApp & Why Should You Use?
What Is FM WhatsApp & Why Should You Use?

It should also tell you why you should run it. Various modes of WhatsApp are easily available on the internet. An important question will come in your mind that why should you prefer FM WhatsApp over GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsapp, and WhatsApp Plus? The answer is simple. FM WhatsApp provides you with great features that will make your digital life much easier. You will no longer be forced to use multiple options.

Know about the amazing features of FM WhatsApp APK

First of all, let’s talk about the interface of FM WhatsApp, as soon as you open the app, a screen appears in front of you, which is also called interface. You get to see many features in its interface itself. As. There are other things like Airplane Mode, Ghost Mode, and the Three Dots option, among others. And its interface also looks quite smooth.

  • Airplane MOD:- This feature of FM WhatsApp is a very wonderful and special feature, what happens is that if you are using any other app in your phone and you are continuously getting messages from WhatsApp, then you can stop it. Is. As soon as you turn on Airplane Mode, your WhatsApp will become completely silent so you will not face any problem.
  • Ghost Mode:-This feature in WhatsApp Ghost Mode allows you to use WhatsApp without making changes to your timestamp. So none of your contacts will know if you are online or when you last connected to WhatsApp. This app not only increases your privacy but also helps you stay away from some of your annoying contacts.

If you have used normal WhatsApp then you must have seen that you get only limited privacy and security in it, but in FM WhatsApp you get some additional privacy, using which you can make your WhatsApp even more secure. And with this you can stay online for a long time without anyone knowing. But no one will be able to see that you are online. Apart from this, there is a lot of privacy in it too. Whose details are written below.

Privacy And Security
Privacy And Security
  • Freeze Last Seen:- This feature is a very special feature for those people who do not want to be seen using FM WhatsApp. People want to use FM WhatsApp only to avoid questions about online or offline. What happens is that when you freeze your last view, your last view will always be shown at the exact time you froze it. You can stay more safe through this feature.
  • Anti View Once:-Through this feature, you can send photos, videos and voice messages which disappear as soon as the recipient opens the chat. This is known as send as view once. Photos and videos will not be saved to the recipient’s photos or gallery once viewed. This is a great feature for any new person.
  • Disabling forwarded tag:-When you disable the forward tag on messages in FM WhatsApp you can share the message with someone else without the recipient knowing that you have shared it. The recipient will only see your name, not the name of the person who originally sent it.
Privacy And Security
Privacy And Security
  • Who Can Call Me:-Through this great feature, you can set in your WhatsApp who can call you and who cannot. Most people are worried about someone new calling them. And they are not able to stop it but in FM WhatsApp you can limit them and restrict your contacts as per your choice.
  • Hide View Status:- WhatsApp has a feature that lets the sender see who has viewed their status. You can hide your view from the sender only if you disable read receipts in your privacy settings. In simple words, if you see someone’s status through this feature, then he will not know that you have seen his status.
  • Anti Delete Status:- This is by far the most special and most liked feature. Through this feature you can see that even if someone has messaged you and has deleted the message, you can always see it. But you do not get this feature in normal WhatsApp. Therefore, you must download FM WhatsApp so that you can see anyone’s deleted messages.

Now let’s talk about its theme, first of all let us tell you that if you have used normal WhatsApp then you know that you get only a limited theme in it, seeing which every person gets quite bored. That is why most people use FM WhatsApp because you get many themes in it. And the best part is that you can customize its theme as per your choice. For example, if you do not like any color in the theme, you can change it. Along with this, you also get an option through which you can download its other themes separately and apply them on your WhatsApp. And you get 6 options in its theme.

FM Themes
FM Themes

This feature in FM WhatsApp allows you to easily change the color of your chat background to any color you want. This feature lets you give your chat rooms a unique look with just a few clicks, including the ability to save your favorite topics for future use. Due to which your WhatsApp looks more attractive and your WhatsApp also gets a new look. And the main objective this time is to provide you with the most important tasks that you can do on chat.

You can find these actions at the bottom of the screen, above the keyboard, right where the buttons for text input are located. You have been given 6 types of options to change the color of WhatsApp, in which you have to select when and at which place you want to change the color.

  • Universal Color:- Through this feature you can change the color of your entire WhatsApp. You can change any color anywhere from its interface to the chat screen. In this also you get two options. Solid color and gradient color, with solid color you can apply simple color on anything and with gradient color you can apply an amazing color combo.
  • Universal Action Bar Text:- Through this option you can change the color of your action bar screen. In this also you get the same two additional options which we have mentioned in the above paragraph. If you want to give a great look to the action bar of your screen, then you will have to customize it by changing its color.
  • Backgroud:- In normal WhatsApp, if you want to change your background a bit, you can just make it lighter or darker. But in this FM WhatsApp you get three options. It also has the option to add solid colors, gradient colors, and add a photo. If you don’t want to change the color of your background, you can also add your own photo.
  • List Backgroud (One UI Only):- This feature allows you to change the background of your contact list. If you are using this feature then you will also get other features like changing the font color, font size etc. You can also change the font type of your contact list and make it more beautiful.
  • Status Bar:- Status Bar FM comes with WhatsApp APK and its features are very rich. Status bar has many options that help you customize your status bar as per your needs. You can also change its color as well as its transparency level and also add some additional features like notification count, battery percentage data usage, etc.
  • Navigation Bar:- One such feature of FM WhatsApp APK is the navigation bar that allows you to use FM WhatsApp as a full-screen app on your phone. To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings > Display > Enable full screen mode and select “Navigation Bar”. Once you turn on the navigation bar, it will be displayed at the bottom of your phone screen. You can use it to perform various tasks like going back to the home page and opening a chat page.

If you are a normal WhatsApp user then you would know how you used to look with boring emojis in normal WhatsApp. Talking about FM WhatsApp, not only you get its special emoji but you are also given a different option in which you can change the look and emoji of your WhatsApp. You can choose what kind of look you want to give your WhatsApp, like iOS New 2023, One, Facebook, Android 0, as well as other looks you can give to your WhatsApp. And you can choose amazing emoji.

Style Look And Feel
Style Look And Feel
  • Launcher icon:- If you want to make your FM WhatsApp even better, you can also change the icon of your WhatsApp. Most of the people are completely bored of seeing this icon of WhatsApp, so now you do not need to be bored. Use FM WhatsApp and see your WhatsApp in a different way.
  • Change Notification Icon:- Along with the launcher icon, you can also change the notification icon of your FM WhatsApp. You get many options in icons, you will find many different types of icons, out of which you can choose any one and put it on your WhatsApp notification.
  • Font Style:- Font style in FMWhatsApp is a way to make your chat more interesting, beautiful and impressive. The font styles are available for free on the FMWhatsApp App Store. You can easily download them from there and use them in your chats. Font styles are available in different categories like Love Font, Valentine Font, Birthday Font etc. You can easily find all the fonts you want by searching on the App Store.

The main feature of FMWhatsApp app is that you can hide media files from the gallery. You can also hide photos, videos, and GIFs from your gallery. So that no one can see them on the device. Many people use this feature to hide photos and videos that they do not want other people to see. If you have such a file in a folder, Gallery will understand that there is no media file there and will leave it hidden. The files are still there, but the gallery won’t show it. Perhaps this feature is also very amazing for those people who do not want anyone to see their media or photos.

Hide Media From Gallery
Hide Media From Gallery

FM WhatsApp allows you to backup your chats on your device or SD card. You can also restore the latest backup whenever you want. You will be taken to the next screen where you will see a list of all the chats stored in your phone. Select any chat from this list and tap the Select All button to select all chats at once or use the checkbox to the right of each chat name to select them manually.

Then tap on the ‘Backup’ option on the top right corner of the screen. Once done, you will be taken back to the main screen where you will see the ‘Backup Complete’ option. Tap on it to view all backed up files under the ‘Chats’ section in the File Manager app.

If you have accidentally deleted any data from your phone then you can use FM WhatsApp APK to restore your deleted data. FM WhatsApp APK is an application that allows you to recover your lost messages, photos, videos, contacts, audio files. Many other things from your WhatsApp account. This application is a useful tool to recover lost data from your WhatsApp account on Android smartphones. With the help of this application, you can also recover deleted chats from Facebook Messenger and Instagram account.

Back-Up And Restore
Back-Up And Restore

Along with extra features, you also get the option of advanced settings through which you can make further changes in your WhatsApp. And you can completely change your WhatsApp using its advanced settings, where you can change anything from your language to image sharing limits. Below we have given its complete list, which you should read very carefully so that you do not face any problem while using this WhatsApp.

  • App Language:-The app language is your phone’s default language. This will be used to display all text on your phone, including WhatsApp. If you have multiple languages ​​installed on your device, only one can be used as the app language. And if you want to use WhatsApp in any other language then you can easily choose the other language.


The home menu of an app is one of the most important elements of any application. It is a place where users find all their important information and can also access them quickly and easily. And

  • Home UI Style:-Whatsapp UI Stock
  • Stories Style:- Stock
  • Enable Instagram-like Stories
  • Separate Chats/ Groups:- The status page will be replaced with groups chats, and Instagram-like stories will be forced
  • Set My Name:-Set your name instead of FM Whatsapp in home screen
  • Disable Status Under My name:-removes your status line under your name in main screen
  • Show Camera Icon
  • Show Light/Night mode
  • Ghost Mode
  • Show Airplane mode:-Allows you to stop receiving whatsapp messages, until turned off
  • Disable clicking whatsapp :-Clicking on whatsapp in the header will not open hidden chats
  • Tabs backgrounds Colours :-change the background colour for the tabs in home screen
  • Page title text color:-Change colour of “chats status calls”
  • Page selected title text colour:- Change selected colour of “Chats Status Calls”
  • Selected tab underline color
  • Unread message counter color:-Change the background colour for the unread message counter/indicator
  • Unread counter text Colour:-Change the Text Colour of the unread message counter


  • Home Style:-Change the style of home screen
  • Swipe Row:- Allows you to swipe any conversation row left or right to perform quick actions
  • Main/Calls/Contacts Screen Text Size:-Change the size of the text in the whole main screen
  • Text Colour:-Change Colour throughout whole main screen
  • Contact name Colour:-Change the contact name colour in home screen
  • Unread Message Counter Colour:-change the background colour for the unread message counter /indicator
  • Unread Counter Text Colour:-Change the text color of the unread message counter
  • Contact Online Color:-Change Colour of last seen in main screen
  • Last Seen Color
  • Mentions Indicator Background
  • Mention Icon Colour
  • Disable Contact Online/ Last Seen:- Removes the Contact Online/Last seen satus from the home Screen
  • Disable Online Dot
  • Online Dot Colour
  • Elapsed time:-use elapsed time (last seen hr and mins ago) in fmwhatsapp, in home and conversion screen

Floating Action Bar:-

  • Hide Floating Action Button
  • Fab Normal:- Change colour of fab normal
  • Fab Pressed:-Change Colour of fab pressed
  • Fab Icon Colour
  • Hide Fab
  • Hide New Message FAB
  • Hide Last Seen Fab
  • Hide YoMods FAb


  • Save And Mark Seen Options:-Save button and mark seen button to be disabled when you open any status
  • Recent Update Bar:-change colour of background recent/ viewed update bar in status page
  • Recent update Text:-change colour of text recent/viewed update bar in status page
  • Contact Name:-Change colour contact name in stories
  • Status Seen:-select colour for circle seen status
  • Status UnSeen:-select colour for circle unseen status
  • Counter Background:-change colour background counted stories
  • Counter Text:-change colour text of counter
  • Change Photo Profile/Status Profile:-change display in stories from picture to status preview
  • 5- Minute Status:-Allows you to put a 5 minute video instead of 30 seconds as a status note: only FMWA users can see the full status! Other users will see 30 Sec Only


  • Background
  • Text Colour
  • Icons

Action Bar:-

  • Action Bar:-Change Color of ActionBar on Chat Screen
  • Hide Contact Profile Picture:- Removes the contact profile picture from the header in the conversation screen
  • Hide Contact Name:-Hides the name of the person you’re talking to
  • Hide Call Button:- Hide call button from conversation action bar
  • Disable Contact Status:- Removes the Contact status line thats under the header in coversation
  • Hide Contact Name:- Hides the name of the person you’re talking to
  • Hide Call Button:- Hide call button from conversation action bar
  • Disable Contact Status:-Removes the Contact status line thats under the header in coversation
  • Contact Status Background:- Change General Contact status background in Conversation screen
  • Contact Status Text Color:- Change the text of the General contact status in conversation screen
  • Conversation Toolbar style:- Change style of header in Conversation screen

Bubble And Ticks:-

  • Ticks Style:- Choose your Ticks style
  • Bubbles Style:- Choose your chat bubbles style
  • Message Text Size:- Set chat text size
  • Disable Double Tap Reaction
  • Conversation Background Color:- Change background color of conversation, when set to “no wallpaper
  • Right bubble Colour:- Change right chat bubble color
  • Right bubble Colour:- Change Right chat bubble colour
  • Right Chat Bubble Text Colour:- Sets right Chat Bubble text Colour
  • Right bubble Time Colour:- Change the colour of the time innside the right bubble
  • Left bubble Colour:- Chnage left chat bubble Colour
  • Left Chat bubble text Colour:-
  • Left Bubble Time Colour:- Change the color of the time inside the left bubble
  • Deleted Message Icon Color:-Change the color of the revoked icon on deleted messages
  • Quoted Divider Color
  • Quoted Name Color
  • Quoted Message Color
  • Quoted Background Color
  • Remove Read More:-Removes the read more… button and automatically opens the message when you receive a message with many characters.

Conversation Entry style:-

  • Conversation Entry style:- Change the style of the Bottom Entry in Conversation screen
  • Translate Button
  • Conversation UI Entry Background:-Change the Color of the Entry background
  • Conversation UI Buttons Color:- Change the Color of the Entry icons
  • Emoji Button Color:- Emoji button in conversation screen color
  • Send Button Color:-Send/Mic color in the conversation screen
  • Mic/Send Background circle:- Change the color of the circle behind Send/Mic
  • Text Entry Background:-Change the colour of the circle behind Send/Mic
  • Text Entry Colour:-change text colour in the conversation

More Options:-

  • Emoji header color:-Change Emoji popup header color
  • Emoji header icons color:- Change Emoji popup icons color
  • Emoji picker background color:- Change Emoji popup background color
  • Hyperlinks colors:-Change Hyperlinks color in Chat Bubbles
  • Info balloons Text colour:-Date and Missed call Text colour bubbles
  • Info balloons background colour:- Date and Missed call bubbles background colour
  • Group participant name color:- Change color of group member/ participant name on message
  • Voice note playing bar:- Change color of voice message playing bar
  • Voice Note Play button:- Change colour of voice message play button


  • Change default Reactions
  • Group admin indicator
  • Confirm before sending a sticker
  • New attachment Picker UI
  • Hide Date And Time:- hide the date and the name when copying 2 message or more
  • Enable Proximity Name:- Enabled by default, disable to turn it off.
  • Disable Output Switching:- Prevents speaker/earpiece switching while playing

Other Key Feature

  • Customizable fonts, change font size and style
  • More emoticons, stickers
  • Auto-reply function
  • Customize chat backgrounds for each contact
  • Anti-delete function
  • Hide your online status
  • More than 1000 chats can be locked
  • Ability to hide chats by password, pattern, and fingerprint
  • Zoom profile avatar
  • Show blue scale after reply
  • Ability to send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Ability to hide date and time when copying messages
  • Use 255 characters to describe the state instead of 139 characters

Know what is the difference between FM WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a very intuitive and well performing chatting app. If you have not used this app yet and have only used normal WhatsApp, then you will not know exactly how much and what are the differences between these two. If you want to know this then do not worry, we have given a table below which clearly shows that you will not get everything in normal WhatsApp that you will get in FM WhatsApp. Based on the features we will compare FM WhatsApp with official WhatsApp and conclude which of them is more beneficial in terms of provision of additional features. Let’s look at their comparison.

Know What is the difference between FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp.
Know What is the difference between FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp.
FeatureOfficial WhatsappFM Whatsapp
Freeze Last Seen✔️
Disable Incoming Calls✔️
Dp Download✔️
Hide Blue Tick✔️
Hidden Chats✔️
Status Download✔️
Fonts Variations✔️
Name on homescreen✔️
Antiview once✔️
Disable Forwarded Tag✔️
Anti-Delete Status✔️
Security Lock✔️
Auto Reply✔️
Fully Customize✔️
Icon Change✔️
Security Lock✔️
Custom Font✔️
Online Status✔️
Bulk Message✔️
Auto Message✔️
DND Mode✔️
Enhanced security✔️
Always Online Showing✔️
Multi-Language Support✔️
Send lots of media files✔️
View Status without Showing✔️
Ghost Mode✔️
Change chat colour✔️
Update notifications Icon✔️
Airplane Mode✔️
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers✔️
Chat Pinning LimitLimited number of pinned chatsAllows pinning more chats compared to the official app
Customization OptionsLimited customization optionsExtensive options, including interface colors and fonts
Media Sharing CapabilitiesStandard limitsIncreased limits for media size and file types
Message Recall and DeletionStandard time limitExtended time for recalling and deleting messages

Know about Advantages and Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp

Prevents senders from deleting messages sent to you with an anti-delete feature.Slower updates due to non-Facebook maintenance of the application compared to standard WhatsApp.
Choose from thousands of themes available in the themes store.Privacy concerns arise as it is not from the official source, risking potential communication visibility to the developer.
Share files larger than 700 MB using FM WhatsApp update.No ability to report bugs or glitches, limiting user feedback options.
Messages forwarded do not display a forwarded tag.Ads come on FM WhatsApp functions as it is downloaded from websites, not from playstore.
The application is free to use on your device. No money is required to run the app.The application is not available on Google Play Store. You have to download the app from third-party websites which is quite harmful. As the app won’t be checked by Google
FM WhatsApp has an anti-delete message feature through which you can see the deleted messages.FM WhatsApp is unofficial so your account may be banned at any time.
FM WhatsApp comes with different types of emojis.Chats and media files in FM WhatsApp are not end-to-end encrypted.
You can change the notification and app icon of FM WhatsApp.FM WhatsApp includes an inappropriate fake chat option that can be misused.
You can send high-resolution images in FM WhatsApp.It works on an anonymous server so developers may be able to read your messages.
In FM WhatsApp, you can customize the font and colors of the chat.Because FM Whatsapp is not available in the Play Store, you must download it from the internet every time you need to update it.

How to Download And Install FM WhatsApp, and its other details?

In the above paragraph we have given a lot of information about FM WhatsApp in complete detail. We hope that you have understood all the information given above clearly. Now we are going to tell you about downloading FM WhatsApp. Which you have to read very carefully so that you do not face any kind of problem while downloading it and you can download it very easily.

So first of all let us tell you that FM WhatsApp is a MOD version which is not legal like the official WhatsApp. You will not be able to download this WhatsApp from Play Store because it has been banned in India. But it is not completely banned, you can download it from any Chrome or other browser. But you don’t need to worry about moving around, you can download it very easily from our website. That too is absolutely free, you will not have to pay any charge for this.

Requirements to Download FM Whatsapp

  • You should have a stable internet connection.
  • The phone must have some free memory.
  • This app is supportable on devices above Android version 4.0

Steps for Downloading

  1. To download FM WhatsApp, you have to first click on the download button given above, as soon as you click on it, a download page will appear in front of you, you have to download it from there.
  2. Be patient while downloading the file.
  3. After downloading the application, you have to click on this application. As soon as you click, a popup will open in front of you in which an option will be visible “Install”, you have to click on it.

Steps of installation

  • The installation process will take a few seconds so please wait for it to complete.
  • After installation, first of all you have to open unknown sources in your phone. And it is important to do this, if you do not do this then your application will not be installed.
  • After the app is installed, you have to open it. And while opening it, first of all you will be asked to allow some permissions from your phone.


  • Permission of memory of device
  • Permission of Contacts
  • Permission of Camera
  • Permission of Microphone
  • Mobile notifications

Create and account and use FM WhatsApp

  • After giving all the permissions, an interface will open in front of you to create an account in which you will be asked for your phone number.
  • After entering the phone number, you will receive an OTP which you have to verify.
  • After verifying the number, enter your name and then expand it. After doing this, now your FM WhatsApp is ready to use. Now you can chat with anyone through this.
  • And can enjoy its great features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In today’s article we have given you a lot of information about Fm WhatsApp. We hope that you have understood all this information well and have also thought about downloading this app. If you want to download it then download it from our website. If you face any problem in downloading it, then you can tell us by commenting, we will definitely solve your problem. Original WhatsApp is working properly with its servers. But if you need a little variety in your app menu then you have the perfect option with FMWhatsApp.

This app will provide you with new features which are absent in the original app. But if you are concerned about complete privacy and legality, you should not indulge in the modified version. The modified app can provide you with diverse customization and personalization. But it cannot guarantee your complete privacy. And let us also tell you that on our website “FMAppPro.Com” we write about such useful articles which are very useful for the people.

If you also want to know a lot related to this WhatsApp, then you will have to visit our website as much as possible. So that you can be the first to know about our new post. Also do not hesitate to try this amazing version of WhatsApp and share it with your family and friends so that they can enjoy it.